Tech·a·fina (tĕk-ə-fēnə)
To discuss technology in joyful exclamation, while extracting the essential elements.

fina-fina (fēnə fēnə)
A term of joyful exclaimation. Also used to replace a sigh of relief. When saying the words fina-fina, be sure to evenly space the first fina and the second. There is no rush. Don’t say them too quickly.

dis·till (dĭ-stĭl) also dis·tilled, dis·till·ing also dis·til·ling, dis·tills also dis·tils
1. To subject (a substance) to distillation.
2. To separate (a distillate) by distillation.
3. To increase the concentration of, separate, or purify by or as if by distillation.
4. To separate or extract the essential elements of: distill the crucial points of the book.
5. To exude or give off (matter) in drops or small quantities.


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