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Join the Evil League of Evil – Apply Now!

Tired of your day job? Not enough credit for the heroic work you accomplish? No need to wait for a mid-life crisis! Bad Horse is here for you and just what you need to spice things up a bit. Take a chance. Be brave. Be evil. Apply to the Evil League of Evil and don’t […]

How to Properly Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Thousands of people are under the misconception that the Holiday Season begins with  Halloween. Of course, those same people may be baffled when their family, friends, and colleagues color their speech with odd sayings on September 19th every year. Today, I’m going to set the record straight regarding the REAL kickoff to the Holiday Season, […]

10 Resources to Improve Your Blogging

There are many reasons people start a blog; to share information, teach, have a voice in the community, provide a sounding board for feedback, journal, you name it – the reasons are endless. Regardless of WHY you blog, one very important underlying goal that you may not be aware of, is to continue to improve […]

OpenID: Phishing

By David Rosen Here at last, is the final installment in our 3 part discussion of OpenID. In Part 1 we answered the question, “What is OpenID?” In Part 2 we looked at the benefits and risks that come with using OpenID. Today in Part 3, we’re going to finish our discussion of OpenID by […]

Turning Lemons into Lemonade – and Adding Song!

Remember that horrible writer’s strike that the Writer’s Guild subjected us all to? Of course you do! If you watched any regular programming during last year’s television season, your shows were disrupted and TV pretty much came to a standstill. During that awful time, a group of very creative guys (the Whedon brothers) wrote a […]

10 Things You May Not Know About Blogger

1. Blogger is a Turnkey solution. Once you sign up, you simply choose a blog name and a template, and you’re good to go! You can even rename your blog, giving it a new website address, if you decide you like a different name better without having to create a new account. 2. There are […]