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Entrecard: Is It for You?

When I first learned about Entrecard, I didn’t understand the concept and thought it would be a huge waste of my time. In fact, I knew about it for weeks before I signed up and only finally did so expecting nothing in return. I was completely wrong, and want to take this time to introduce […]

10 Resources to Improve Your Blogging

There are many reasons people start a blog; to share information, teach, have a voice in the community, provide a sounding board for feedback, journal, you name it – the reasons are endless. Regardless of WHY you blog, one very important underlying goal that you may not be aware of, is to continue to improve […]

10 Things You May Not Know About Blogger

1. Blogger is a Turnkey solution. Once you sign up, you simply choose a blog name and a template, and you’re good to go! You can even rename your blog, giving it a new website address, if you decide you like a different name better without having to create a new account. 2. There are […]

How to Customize Your Blogger Template

This past week I have been focused on customizing my Blogger Template, and I have to admit, I was shocked to find just HOW much information is available. Blogger can be tweaked to your own personal tastes and needs regardless of what it is you want it to do or how you want your site […]

So You Wanna Start a Blog…

You know you’ve got options, but you don’t know what they are. Well, I’m going to try to make things a little easier for you and provide a breakdown of two of the big guns in town. 1. a. free hosting available, or the option to host offsite b. a decent selection of pre-designed […]