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3D-Me Please

‘Tis the season as they say. No, not THAT season – I mean it’s Fall. Along with Fall comes the realization that many of my clothes from last year are worn out and need to be replaced. Next comes the ultimate chore – clothes shopping. I hate shopping. No, I mean I REALLY hate clothes […]

Baby Boomers, Car Insurance, Geeks & Gamers

Aging issues and discussions are often avoided as they are seen as depressing, perhaps rude (who wants to acknowledge they are aging?) and just not very fun to talk about. Recently my family was facing some “end-of-life” decisions as my grandmother’s health declined at such a rapid pace that the entire family was discussing how […]

Let Me Buy You a Coffee – From Across the Country

As someone who has co-workers all over the entire United States, I can honestly say,  there is a GAP here waiting to be filled. Want to buy someone a beer from afar? Someone figured out there was a need for that and yes, I can buy you a beer right here, right now, from my […]