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Taking a Half Leap Forward

Arriving a little late on the scene, I am finally the proud owner of a new iPod Touch. I just could not get myself to make the full jump from my BlackBerry Curve to the iPhone, so I settled for an in-between move to provide some fun, sleek, fast Wi-Fi enabled browsing – yet keep […]

Read Any Good eBooks Lately?

I did it. I finally bit the bullet and bought an Amazon Kindle. The Kindle caught my interest when rumors first broke about it’s upcoming debut, and now that it has been available for several months I decided it was time to take another look. If you are not familiar with the Kindle, it is […]

Leggo My Viigo

In all this iPhone madness, it seems time to shine some light on an amazing application for the BlackBerry. Viigo is an enhanced RSS reader, allowing you to choose from a selection of over 3,000 feeds (they call them “channels”), as well as any custom feeds, allowing you to follow the updates of any site […]

Lego iPhone Unboxing

These days there aren’t too many things cooler than a new iPhone, and it’s always fun to open new toys. Better yet, use OTHER toys to open your new toys! Photo by ntr23