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Get Your Political Fix – On Twitter

Below is a sampling of what you can find on Twitter… or rather, WHO you can find. The list is in no particular order, nor does it represent my views on – anything at all. Enjoy. – yes, Mr. President himself – this is depressing, but if you want it […]

Baby Boomers, Car Insurance, Geeks & Gamers

Aging issues and discussions are often avoided as they are seen as depressing, perhaps rude (who wants to acknowledge they are aging?) and just not very fun to talk about. Recently my family was facing some “end-of-life” decisions as my grandmother’s health declined at such a rapid pace that the entire family was discussing how […]

OpenID: Phishing

By David Rosen Here at last, is the final installment in our 3 part discussion of OpenID. In Part 1 we answered the question, “What is OpenID?” In Part 2 we looked at the benefits and risks that come with using OpenID. Today in Part 3, we’re going to finish our discussion of OpenID by […]

OpenID: Benefits and Risks

By David Rosen Last week we defined OpenID. This week we’re going to talk about why you might choose (or not choose) to use OpenID. As promised, let’s discuss the Benefits… Simplified Login Single Username and Password for multiple sites. You only have to authenticate to OpenID one time per session. Once you are logged […]

What is OpenID?

By David Rosen If you have signed up for a new service recently, you may have noticed an option to use something called OpenID. You may have noticed that it is an option when you log in to Plaxo, LiveJournal, or WordPress. You may have heard that AOL and Yahoo are now OpenID providers. Many […]

How much Caffeine is REALLY in Jolt gum?

Like most people in the tech community, I consider caffeine to be my friend. It helps me slog through my morning a little faster, and begin to think clearly hours before I would normally. Sometimes a beverage with caffeine just isn’t handy, or maybe not readily available. Gum is almost always handy, and quite portable, […]

Bridging the Gap Between Landline and Wireless

Recently I came across what appears to be a hybrid telephone! The Vtech 6110 slightly resembles a Treo or BlackBerry, but it isn’t a cell phone. Since this is NOT a cell phone, it’s very surprising to see a full Qwerty keyboard and mention of full IM and text messaging capabilities. Upon reading about this […]