Taking a Half Leap Forward

ipodtouch Arriving a little late on the scene, I am finally the proud owner of a new iPod Touch. I just could not get myself to make the full jump from my BlackBerry Curve to the iPhone, so I settled for an in-between move to provide some fun, sleek, fast Wi-Fi enabled browsing – yet keep the productivity tools I have on my Curve. If you aren’t familiar with the iPod Touch, it is basically the iPhone – without the phone (or camera, or GPS).

What’s the verdict? Well I can tell you this, nothing annoys me more than reading reviews of products that have only been used for a day or two. Personally, I’d love to see a website that carries product reviews of items that have been used for at least 31 days. I mean really, what do you know of stability or usability when you’re still in the new-gadget-honeymoon phase? You are all too likely to be blinded by the joys of a new toy than see product limitations. It can take time to notice what is NOT in a product.

So, what am I writing about then? Well for starters, aside from my limited user experience, this device is just simply impressive! I have been reading for months that many websites are more pleasant to read on the iPhone than on the PC and I figured those people were simply insane. A small screen versus a PC (or Mac) with a full keyboard, and people prefer that? By the way, no offense if you are one of those people – I probably admire you and am jealous of your iPhone.

This morning though, I began to understand. I had a morning like Corvida described in one of her recent blog updates, and was almost beside myself. In just a few minutes I caught up on my Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, checked the weather, and read the headline news on USA Today – all from my iPod Touch. And, all before I climbed out of bed. Browsing on the Touch (or iPhone) is actually pleasant! Do I access those items on my Curve? Hell No! Facebook, sure, sometimes, but it’s barely functional. Twitter is decent on TinyTwitter but there is simply no comparison. This REALLY makes me want an all-in-one device and hunger for the iPhone, but, will I switch?

The BlackBerry still rules the road when it comes to productivity, and typing, let’s not forget typing! Have you TRIED to type on an iPhone? I keep reaching for a stylus since my fingers seem way too fat for the tiny keyboard, yet I have no trouble at all with tactile keys half their size on the Curve. What about Copy and Paste? I use that all the time on my Curve and it is not natively available in the iPhone. In order to get Copy and Paste I will have to Jailbreak the Touch (there are 3rd party applications available to make this “kind of” work) and I can’t even do that yet since there was a recent firmware update the other day and there is not yet a new hack for the updated firmware.

Bottom line? The iPod Touch has an amazing interface, and it is a beautiful browsing device (and of course music too, it is an iPod after all) but I’m on the fence as to what my next cell phone will be. Then again, it appears though a new iPhone will be out soon, so maybe some of these issues will be better in the next version?

Maybe I’ll ditch the BlackBerry, AND the iPhone and just go for the Palm Pre

5 Responses

  1. I agree with you on a lot of your points about the iPhone even though I'm an iPhone owner. It's not perfect, but for the majority of what it does, it (now) does it well.

    I'm also considering the Pre though. I wouldn't ditch my iPhone for it, but I would ditch my Windows Mobile smartphone for it if it's as good as it seems and brings things to the table that the iPhone doesn't at the moment.

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