Moving to a New Internet Home

UPDATE: I’ve changed my mind about ditching Techafina. I just can’t walk away… so in effort to save the web from another needless broken link – this post will remain, but, so will Techafina!

Techafina is going through a transition, and I owe you an explanation. There have been many times over the last year I wanted to blog about something but didn’t feel it would fit the Techafina mold I had created. So, I didn’t blog. And, as more time has gone on, I realized I was even less likely to update WordPress (I want to write, not deal with database backups) so updates came and went and Techafina sat without being touched. In fact, as I write this, I see a big warning at the top of my screen that I need to update WordPress or bad things will happen.

And so, I’m going with the unpopular decision of moving back to Blogger. I know, I know, many of you hate Blogger. Well, I hate WordPress. It’s not that I’m not technical enough, or geeky enough, I just simply think it’s better suited for my blogging needs.

While preparing for the move I went through all the posts on Techafina and decided that most of them are no longer relevant and not really worth “moving.”

So, what’s next? Well, if you read Techafina because you like reading about Blogging (i.e. how to configure Blogger, how to improve your writing, etc.) you will want to continue reading over at Blogging Matters [.Net]. If you read Techafina to keep up with me personally, or enjoy reading geeky tidbits now and then, you’ll want to pick up reading over at SRDN. The best posts that are still relevant will be moved, and labeled with “Best of” so you will definitely be able to find your favorites easily, such as the ever popular “How to Properly Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.” As I move posts away from Techafina they will be removed, so Google doesn’t decide to slap the new sites as spam. And in a few weeks, Techafina will be set to automatically forward to SRDN. If you aren’t sure which site you want to read, by all means, subscribe to both!

All the best,

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